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Skyfun ducted fan project

Originally Posted by soundguy63 View Post
Very cool experimentation! How will you launch this EDF SkyFun? At least there is less risk to fingers with EDF, but will it need a catapult or landing gear?
2nd maiden flight yesterday if there is such a thing, 1st flight crashed within 5 seconds because the vibrations scared the FY-30a.

Yesterdays flights went fantastic. Pretty stiff wind (15 mph+) but the Skyfun always loves that. 1st flight flew with a 2800 mah 4 cell (30c) and as I've been hearing the EDF's lack a lot of static thrust when stationary so when it was thrown (a friend threw it for me) it seemed like it might stall but then the EDF started to get "on step" or "on the pipe" and then it gained speed quickly. Seemed to be going 70 -80 mph easily.
It was heavy (2lbs 8 oz) but flew great. Landings were even better. I usually turn in to land at a pretty high altitude and dive steeply with throttle off, flare, and then try to stay in ground effect and float along within a foot or two of the grass until the speed scrubs off. This worked perfectly with a heavy Skyfun and eventually it slowed enough to perform a final flare and then it plopped down and slid maybe 5 feet. A little grass in the EDF but it blew off with a couple blips of the throttle.
The 4000 mah 6 cell seemed too heavy (1.5 lbs by itself) so I'll wait and see what that feels like.

All in all I have to say that the Skyfun + EDF is a great combination. Side benefit: no worries about finger strikes or hitting the prop when landing.

I'll try to record the next flight and post later.
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