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Originally Posted by Kookaburra View Post
Call it culture shock . . . whatever . . . but dwells' post leaves me ice cold.

EDC - Everyday carry - tactical items that are worn or carried by a person on a daily basis.
I had to look this up - I though Eurovision Dance Contest or Eau de Cologne.

Cons (where do I start and finish?):
  • What is this post doing here?
  • What mindset underlies pride in owning and showing off this piece, let alone recommending it to others?
  • There's an euphemistic acronym for this kind of weapon?
  • What kind o' weird-arse self-destructive community are you guys running over there?
Pros: can only think of one - to clear the field of Radian fliers with extreme prejudice :-))
We've been known to occasionally get off topic on this particular thread. We often talk about other hobbies and purchases too.

Occasionally someone pops in here to chastise us for not staying serious, on-topic or relevant to what they, in their over-inflated sense of superiority, feel should be discussed. To those people we say "Don't let the door hit ya in the on your way out.

Now, normally I wouldn't express that sentiment so boldly but with your additional snide comments about our "culture" or "community" I can only see your remarks as provocative and insulting. So, for that let me extend a big old American (guess) you!
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