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Ya I posted using the metal plates off my old RCL retracts which were the original to these pz15090 while back after one person suggested the same using wood blocks.
  • Only I added an L bracket to the same plat to brace the strut a little further down; not enough to be visible.
  • metal trunnions ...
  • others have added trailing link struts
  • Toe out, I reset my strut pins to toe in a little expecting the drag of the grass to pull them straight. It tracks straight at least.
  • the sliding grub I replaced with a modified 3mm nut with thread only in the lower strut leg but a smooth peg to travel in the slot on either side.
  • Changed out the tires to Park Zone P-40s and added a metal sleeve to the axles with hardened steel socket nuts for axles.
  • added small washers to the back screws of the retract to angle the struts slightly forward that the shock takes more of the compression.

For the nose strut.... well Pete said it. It takes a different kind of shock because the strut is longer. For that I added the shock trailing link. There is impact force and constant force. The jerky impact is what's doing the damage compared to the continuous drag from the grass. The mains work better because they share the load while the nose takes all the leveraged force of the bouncing nose. So training and top force springs do well to dampen that impact shock.
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