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I finally got deeper into putting my Specter together this past weekend. Looks like it might take a bit longer than I had planned for though.
My setup is the Sonic Electric SE2820-1050 I linked to earlier plus 2 EMAX ES08MA servos in the fuselage plus 2 HK555 low profile wing servos on the ailerons. These little metal geared servos fit pretty well in the fuselage...short little buggers!

Anyhow....I found some pretty bad glasswork inside the fuselage. The worst was at the wing leading edge attachment. The glass inside this area was all separated, just stips of glass sort of looped like a horseshoe across from side to side, open air along the bridge across where the L.E. pins insert. Those pins would have tore right through the thin paint shell?! The same at the trailing edge, just not as bad. One of the nuts for the wing bolts had already fallen out. Funny how they installed the nuts staggered, one further forward than the other. I drilled out the hole a bit and got them even'd up and now re-glassed that area solid. I will try to get the L.E. area done tonight.

Next issue: I figured it was a good time to see if the wing would mount ok. Found the slot WAY too tight and the L.E. would not slip into the slot in the fuselage where the pins should go. I started sanding down this area and ended up making the balsa sheet too thin in a couple of places on the top. Now I am glassing the center section. I spent hours last night trying to get glue into this area but the spars, ribs, etc makes this front section totally blocked off. There isn't any way to get glue to flow into the leading edge areas at all. I finally had to cut little holed through the bottom sheeting and run some CA wicks down inside each little area to get glue in there. I have the sheeting firmed up pretty well now, so glassing should finish it off. Now the problem is going to be if the glassing makes it too thick again to fit into the L.E. slot? This is definitely starting to be some work!

Last but not least....I also found some of the hinge material to be so tight as to be unusable. I tried heating, bending, pulling, name it....they were just attached too tightly. Soooooo, I had to strip all the covering and start over. I am loosely copying one of the passerx schemes. Luckily I have plenty of experience with iron on coverings, balsa work, etc.

Yes, I'm a bit frustrated, but determined she will fly great in the end.

OK, FINAL last tidbit.......I was ordering some odds and ends from Tower Hobbies last night when I lost all control of my mouse pointer finger. It came across the Cyclops ARF and wouldn't let go. The mouse pointer attached itself to the buy now button like a starving leach. Before I knew it, I found I have a Cyclops power glider coming in the mail. What could I do? I had no control.
I need an AA meeting of some sorts?
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