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Originally Posted by Odysis View Post
If the signal is strong enough, it doesn't matter what freqency it's on, it can overload the front-end of the Rx. At that point, all the fancy hopping schemes and filters are moot. If that's the case - find a new place to fly!

ER9X doesn't need cert. FrSky has the certificates on their website.

(ER9X and FrSky on a 16ch setup is in my Flanker )
True dat... whichis why I said, if it were bullet proof the military would have nothing to worry about. So the question is what to look for to suspect a high noise floor.

As for the FrSky FCC Certs. did you match the posted certs with the actual modules that are in use or spoken of with the ER9X? I don't own any so I just looked across several conversations of various owners date 2012 where this was still all in play.
Trouble is every RX, every module, TX etc has to have approval to meet compliance so if several are still saying parts are still pending, I have to assume they're not referencing the posted certs. There is conversation where some said those are misleading but if you have better details, please some links.
Cause believe me I'd love cheap and working with robust features and compliance all in one package. I'm reviewing the Jeti but could save tonnes of coil with a FrSky if its all approved. Jeti is going through this with their DC and DS-16, every RX, Satillite RX etc. Some have got the approved DC-16 but don't have any approaved RXs to use with it yet. The DS is still in the works. At least the Jeti threads are posting the FCC certs for each device so you can tell what is or isn't. I'm finding it harder to sort through that on the ER9x/FrSky thread. So ya links if you know where they are.
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