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Originally Posted by deadbird View Post
We put together a mildly amusing response video to the FliteTest review. I'm hoping they'll let it sit beside their program on Youtube as an 'official' response to the review. I've submitted it so just needs stonekap to approve its submission, if Youtube is working like it should.
Acually I think it's a bad idea.
Your assessment of the Dave the Swede's flying style is spot on and that your prototype a mildly amusing jab at his purported quadcopter background, but it's coming dangerously close to a personal attack.
Not good; as it stands Dave is wearing the whiner's cap, with this vid you're donning it.
If you're dead set on publishing anyway at least edit it down to 3 or 4 minutes max, just enough to get your points across.

As a (mostly) disinterested observer I felt that the review was mainly positive, the two Joshes went out of their way to stress the positives, mostly in an effort to counterbalance the overly critic David, but they seemed genuinely impressed by your products.

It wasn't raving no, and that may have been what you were hoping for.

But reviewers are going to judge from their preferences and not everybody shares our passion for really small planes.
I mean, if I were asked to review a quarter scale Cub my summation would probably read something like "really nice flyer, but can I fly it from my front porch? Noisy, smelly, space occupying and I can't even do the low and close passes I enjoy so much, 3 out of 10"
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