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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the response.

OK, as per previous advise a few responses back, I have the power panel working, so that is OK.

However, the altimeter doesn’t light up at all when either connected by the extra cable direct to receiver, or by the bus cable connected to the eLogger or OSD Pro

When I use the v10,04 software, and flash the OSD Pro with it, it is seen and works ok. When using the v10.43beta software, and flash the OSD Pro, under firmware control it is then seen as UNKNOWN firmware, and when I set any parameters, the software says it has to flash firmware to OSD Pro (because it is UNKNOWN before it can save values. It wont flash a KNOWN firmware under v10.43beta software.

When the OSD Pro was operating when initially flashed with the v10.04 software, a while after I had the altimeter daisy chained to the OSD Pro, the altimeter stopped working.

Sometime after I had the telemetry transmitter daisy chained to the OSD Pro, the transmitter stopped working.

I am using a UBEC off the main 11.1v LiPo to the receiver for power, set at 5v

I am using a separate 11.1v LiPo for the camera and FPV transmitter, that goes thru the OSD Vid In/Out pins.

I understand that 11.1v is isolated in the OSD Pro from the rest of the system, so SHOULDN’T affect anything else

From the OSD Pro manual
" The Ground and Signal pins are the only ones used by the OSD PRO, but the Power pins are connected together internally in the OSD PRO, for your convenience"
Sorry, I cant do any further testing, as I have posted the OSD Pro, Altimeter MicroSensor and telemetry transmitter back to you guys :-)

Below is a copy of the letter included with the package (Note OSD Pro had not been used previously)
The Altitude MicroSensor was purchased 21 Nov, 2012 (from HobbyKing) and was working great as stand alone. Was initially working when connected to the OSD Pro, but failed before first flight.

The OSD Pro was purchased in May 2009 (from Eagle Tree) but has never been used until I was setting it up in Dec 2012. I had a stroke in Oct 2010 and haven’t been doing any RC aircraft until last couple of months.

The Seagull expander was purchased Feb 2008 (from Eagle Tree) and has been used a few times, including recently. It has been working great. However since plugging it into the OSD Pro it has failed to work.

The eLogger v3 I have been using is brand new and never used. I had bought it several years ago, but never used as I had changed battery/esc connections to EC3, and my eLogger had the deans connectors, I had made some adapters for testing.
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