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I would say "need it or not" is related to the workflow you want to establish in your model design ...

A) Some come bottom up - draw 2D parts extrude them to get 3 D parts - arrange them to getblock instances and assemble those to get the final model
-> result -> you can check if everything would fit together.
B) Others come top down - design a plane -> check if you like the result then derieve the details which are needed for to construct the structure and the parts in 3D
arrange them to the machine space and flatten them to get 2D shapes for cutting

Two possibilities with rather the same effort - difference Top down gives you an earlier proposal what you will get and if a sub construction fails or shows that there should be changes done, you always are able to refer to the original design and look...
Further possibility is that you can do the proposal and move the decision which technology and size the plane will be to the time finishing it ...dependent on that decision you detail afterwards!

So its just a way of philosophy: I also started with the upcomming 2DCAD systems ( Fast CAD Generics CAD and Autocad and then changed to 3D when performance of computers got better . Looking back I don't want to miss the possibilities and would choose the same way again! But now that is on you...!

Good luck!

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