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Originally Posted by Superik21 View Post
Isn't this topic only one advertisement? So its still within the rules?
I'm not here to offend anyone, sorry if I did.

Please lets not make it personal. Joey, you should know better than to start arguing on this level. Your response only puts a bad name on yourself and the manufacturer you're trying to represent, in this case RC OMG. Keep it clean.
its the Italian in me, hard to stay cool headed. But iagree i i was acting immature and will be the first to apologize for going there, i felt a select few "spam police" jump on a thread and crap all over it, bully new members with paying account and large post counts. I have banned 100 of people over on my forums for treating member like that, on the other hand i have banned for snot nose know it all who come and on post like they act the joint.

So with that said. I am sorry and done and if i offended anyway im sorry
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