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Originally Posted by RCROBBY View Post

My laser and CNC will cut curves and splines fine. I have, however, recieved files from others that upon inspection the line segments were drawn wrong, which makes the cut look wrong. I think it comes down to how you draw it. I had a heck of a time getting sketchup files to work right even exported as a dxf.

Never heard of a CNC not being able to cut a curve or spline, it's all in the G-Code. If you want a curve, draw it as a curve not a bunch of rotated straight line segments.

Don't want to belabor the point but maybe an explanation based on the picture below will be easier for an old man to

Line 1 is a three segment polyline. Line 2 is a copy of Line 1 that has been splined.

Notice that the handles in both cases have not changed position. If the lines were overlayed the handles would be in exactly the same spot for both lines.

The dashed lines are merely reference lines.

If you were to cut Line 1, I'm sure you would end up with three straight line segment cuts based on the handles. No problem so far....

Now, if you were to cut Line 2, which clearly shows as a curve on the drawing, would you end up with a curved cut or the same cut line as Line 1 based on the handles? Does your machine follow the curve shown or the handles?

Guess I went ahead and belabored the point but I do appreciate your patience with this question.


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