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Originally Posted by karlik View Post
Is there really a reason for me to learn 3D software?
For designing, drawing and printing aircraft plans, not really.

Thousands of very successful aircraft plans have been drawn and built using just 2D software, and it's really all you need unless you have an additional personal interest in learning 3D for your own benefit beyond model airplanes.

I draw everything in Rhino4 (just upgraded to Rhino5), and I do it in 3d, but that's ONLY because I can output it to the company CNC machine (a 5x12) for free if I do it after work. The 3D part of the design lets me do carvings of canopies and cowls because the machine has a 12' lathe that hangs off the side.

If I step back for a moment and imagine my losing my job and access to the CNC machine, but still wanting to draw model aircraft plans, I would revert to just whipping them out in my trusty dusty old version of AcadR12, obsolete by CAD standards but a real gem for drawing accurate plans of models.

The learning curve from 2D to 3D is quite exponential for most people, and you short yourself nothing if just drawing nice plans to build from is your purpose.
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