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these are my pin mappings (with lots of useful info from johnrb):

 OrangeRx Stabilizer RX3S V2
 PB0  8 AIL_IN            PC0 14/A0 DELTA_SW       PD0 0 AUX_SW (RXD)
 PB1  9 ELE_IN (PWM)      PC1 15/A1 AIL_GAIN       PD1 1 AIL_SW (TXD)
 PB2 10 RUD_IN (PWM)      PC2 16/A2 ELE_GAIN       PD2 2 ELE_SW
 PB3 11 AUX_IN (MOSI/PWM) PC3 17/A3 RUD_GAIN       PD3 3 RUD_SW (PWM)
 PB4 12 VTAIL_SW (MISO)   PC4 18/A4 (SDA)          PD4 4 AILL_OUT
 PB5 13 LED (SCK)         PC5 19/A5 (SCL)          PD5 5 ELE_OUT (PWM)
 PB6 14 (XTAL1)           PC6 (RESET)              PD6 6 RUD_OUT (PWM)
 PB7 15 (XTAL2)                                    PD7 7 AILR_OUT
there are 6 dip switches.

the serial port is exposed, which is nice, but the chip probably does not have a bootloader. in any case, it's running at 3.3v so remember to reconfigure your usb-serial board for 3.3 operation if you want use the serial port..

Originally Posted by Cesco View Post
Somebody got a schematic or pin configuration of the V2 already?

Internally there are soldering pads for the programmer connector. There is a DTR, RX, TX, GND connector place, which reminds me of a arduino type serial programming interface.

My pin config estimate:

Ail-L - PD4
Elev - PD5
Rud - PD6
Ail-R - PD7

Ail - PB0
Ele - PB1
Rud - PB2
Aux - PB3

Pitch - ADC6
Yaw - ADC3
Roll - ADC1

Processor runs from 3.3V onboard regulator.
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