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Originally Posted by Brner View Post

That's effectively what I do but I end up with a polyline with very short segments . As I'm not a CNC or Lazer operator maybe you can answer this.....does your cut follow the curve of a spline or does it cut to the handles? I've been told that some machines can't handle a splined line at all....but I'm not sure. I know my method seems to work well.


My laser and CNC will cut curves and splines fine. I have, however, recieved files from others that upon inspection the line segments were drawn wrong, which makes the cut look wrong. I think it comes down to how you draw it. I had a heck of a time getting sketchup files to work right even exported as a dxf.

Never heard of a CNC not being able to cut a curve or spline, it's all in the G-Code. If you want a curve, draw it as a curve not a bunch of rotated straight line segments.
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