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Don't throw eggs at me :)

Always looked down at these "hey everyone here's me and my plane" posts but fell to the same temptation

Maidened today. Honestly, asked someone more experienced to handle the bird, so I only played with the controls when she was at safe altitude. Teacher took off and landed her for me (my experience is all about slow fliers and gliders).

Landing was a tricky biznis as the plane always tended to bounce up after touching down (which resulted in a few wrinkles on the nose; hot-aired out already). Perhaps something to do with springed front wheel leg. Or, just have to get used to it.

Roger, you were very right - the motor needs no angle correction whatsoever, I removed the extra washer after the very first test flight. Some stabilization system will be a plus but even without it I didn't experience any tangible oscillation. Will however give a chance to small winglets anyway.

All in all, it was a pants-browning somewhat scary thing, so different the bird behaved from anything I have flown before.
But very, very, very interesting.

- 3S 2200 mAh
- Emax 9g metal gear analog servos
- no name 5 g plastic gear servo for front wheel (rudder channel)
- Hobbywing 60A Esc (a bit of an overkill)
- 3300 KV no name motor (50 yuan) recommended by a friend; behaved quite well and screwed the plane vertically into the sky with speed still increasing - we nearly lost visual contact with the bird so fast it went up! - Will probably play with a slower 2700 KV motor just to taste the difference
- 6*5 prop
- 30 A on static test
- self-made gear
- control throws tuned down to 70 %, still plenty, could be 50 but I'll try to get used to 70
Anything I missed?
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