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Good point dale I didn't think about that. my only problem with it is it bends out of shape fairly easy and im having to adjust it often and that's just from running it on the road. I want it to track proper during takeoff with minimal input during takeoff so i have no rudder deflection. this has caused one of my accidents. i was trying to keep the plane tracking straight during liftoff and when it did lift off the plane turned because there was rudder applied, then i was trying to correct for this and over corrected. to make a long story short it didn't end well. so now that im on the subject heres the question.

how can i bend this gear to the exact shape on a regular bases without the trial and error method, or is it just trial and error until it looks about right?

By the way I'm originally from Orlando, and i seen another posting here from jax, I also lived in San Marco, worked for Huckins Yacht as a yacht builder
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