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Originally Posted by vespa View Post
For high CL flight such as pylon turns or thermal circling you want a lot more differential to avoid tip stalls.
In thermal CL (.6-.7) unless the bottom deflecting ail is already maxed out (perhaps > 25 degrees deflection, won't happened unless running reverse diff), it is hard to tip stall any of the current sailplanes unless incorrect wing design or not mixing in correclt flaps to ail. We should be nowhere near max ail deflection on the donwgoing ail.

Also, there's a higher penalty for deflecting the ail up while in any high CL flight. If we reduced the down going ail, to get the same control or roll rate, we must deflect the up going ail higher = higher penalty. That's why we add camber to thermal modes.
Most people wan't realize it, but adding camber is the same as reducing diff in thermal mode.
And yes, I still fly with little/no differential in speed and very slight amount in thermal. This is due to me setting the max ail throws at +-15 degrees from cruise speed mode. That marks the envelope of throw for all other modes.
And finally seeing others doing the same thing makes me feel like I kinda know what I am talking about .
But please, don't let this fool you. I still barely know what I am doing.
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