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I just got 6.5 a couple of weeks ago and its a good sim (i had knocked about a bit with RF4 previously). But:

-there have been improvements over the last couple of versions--but nothing spectacular IMHO enough to justify the steep entry cost

-I wish there were more online options and, frankly, more players online

-I was surprized that it seems like only the same lessons that were there a few versions back

-the interlink controller does make it easier to navigate options and reset

-the interlink controller is not great quality (i had to open mine up to repostition a gimbal pin that had slid out of place and was impeding the motion of the right stick--and its just happened again, so I may need a micro dot of ca or something )

-maybe I'm missing it but i wish there was a interlink programming option so I could holistically enter dual rates instead of having to do it individually for each model

-if you want the "real feel" of your regular tx (for heft and finger postion, DR/Expo settings and all your switches in the right places, etc) it's easy to hook up using the correct included wire from the back of the interlink (but it does make things a bit clunky--it would be slicker if the dongle was just something inline with the tx cord instead of needing the whole interlink; can't have everything I suppose ).

-I have a good, 2 year old laptop, but its one of the ones with two video cards (one onboard for low energy consumption and one fast radeon for graphics). Works great except that HP stopped supporting graphics upgrades because the on board card makes it more complex update and the simple drivers can't just be downloaded as normal ). The sim looks great, but strangely the little close window "x" and other similar dialog graphics are in super low res--this isn't the sims fault, but it is odd. Don't know if anyone else has this or a solution to offer (almost to the plunge to disable the onboard video--but one step wasn't taking right so I chickened out before I ended up with a larger technical issue). Looks even better when I hook it up to the big screen LCD.

-nothing beats a sim for staving off dumb thumbs in the off season or for trying out new manuvers with no risk to your fleet.

-it's still way easier to hover and do excellent blenders on the RealFlight sim than to do them in real life--so there's still room for improvement (I guess you can only push the modeling of chaotic airflow so far )

-RealFlight 6.5 is definetly worth having--but I think maybe a list price of around $125-$150 would be more acceptable. Maybe I'll feel a little better if I get a discount when they eventually update to RF 7
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