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Sorry I did not document very much lately.
I'm almost done.

I sanded everything and used filler for all the nicks the model got due to various mishaps. I used Grip Filler, it's total Sheit. It was dry, but a drop of water fixed that. Nowhere was documented that that stuff is water solible. But then it did not stick very well, took ages to dry and when it was dry it sanded terrible. It came off in chunks which rolled into gooey sausages on the sanding block which themselves dislodged even more chunks.
Maybe it was just too old. Maybe they are all that bad.

Anyway. To the fun part. I covered it all up. I primed some of the more difficult spots with Balsaloc, that was well worth it. (That's basically the same glue as Solarfilm uses in liquid form)
As I said, I used Solarspan for the fuselage and Solarfilm for the wings.
I did not do a terribly good job with the wings, but it will do.
But let me tell you, going with Solarspan was a really bad idea. I thought well, it's a box shaped fuselage, why not go with the stronger film since it does not need to follow any tricky contours. That might be true, but still Solarspan is terrible to work with. It shrinks very little. Does not stretch and it sticks really bad on itself.
I don't know what that stuff is good for, but I will not use it again.

And some pictures for your entertainment.
Thank god I'm not too concerned about looks and perfection or I would be quite pissed off with myself now.
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