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warning: graphic images

Ha.. I always wanted to say that..

A little while ago, I decided to try another technique on the tail of this plane.. It was a link I ran across on about 5yrs ago to a YouTube video.

I saved it in my favorites for a rainy day. Well... its raining as I'm writing and working here.. literally.. and I would like to thank the creator of the vid, and the original poster on RCU.. this is very good info, and is being enjoyed by alot of people, and made alot of things possible that we couldn't do before..
Thanks very much.

Here's the link:
Monokote 301 (9 min 56 sec)

Its a great video for us film-covering nuts.. very nice technique, very cost effective, and just enough challenge to make it interesting. I highly recomend you give it a look.

I made my templates in previous posts, then I used the above technique to achieve the ready-to-apply graphic piece.. actual application was a little tougher then anticipated though..

I used Windex when cutting the graphic out on the table, then I used TrimSolvent to lay the whole piece onto the base.

I have to say, I've not used TrimSolvent to lay down anything that big before. I used cotton swabs to put a coat of solvent on the base surface, then working quickly, I simply layed the graphic as best and close to my position as I could. I did have to lift it and shift it a bit, and the "peal and seal" let me move it around in spite of the solvent.. but with that said.. once its in place, and you press it down(I used dry cotton balls), it isn't going anywhere.. no way .. no how. If anything attacks it, it will be glow fuel.. I don't even want to go there now though.. I'm just having too much fun here...

pic1. Template, and a swatch of Monokote ready to adhere to glass with Windex.

pic2. The graphic is ready to apply to the base. Thats the "holiday" peal-n-seal FYI..its all I could find in the store this time of year, my wife really likes it, shes used 10x what I have too.

pic3. Finish before final trim and seal(which will be done after the other side graphic is layed down.. this is the real deal.. nothing "Sharpie" about it.

So.. one side down.. now to hopefully get the other side in very near/exact spot.. we'll see... to be cont'd.
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