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Originally Posted by TTRotary View Post

Vettster - can you elaborate a bit on turbine challenges themselves? I understand I need to know startups (hotstarts etc) and sfaety, but do these require a lot of additional fiddling? How common are flame-outs? BTW, I love that Avonds F-104. I hope you got it sorted out handling wise.
I dont know if there are Challenges with regards to turbines.. Its just that its a totally different experience. Newer turbines dont have as much turbine lag as older ones. I have a RAM750 and once you hit zero on the throttle stick, it takes 6 seconds to get to full throttle. Now think of that when you balk a landing and your very slow with gear down and flaps down and the plane weighs 25lbs. But that will not be the case as I would assume that you are going to buy a newer model of engine. Todays engines have a much faster spool up time. Maybe 2 seconds from 0 to full throttle. But still there is a bit of lag at the bottom end. 1/3 to full throttle now aways is hardly even noticeable. All I was really saying is that if you fly a gasser or an EDF and you need that little burp of throttle to help you on final...Its just not there as instantly as you may be used to. Rookies tend to look for that instant power, and when it doesnt come, they add more throttle,.. whell before you know it the turbine has spooled up and your coming in hot. From your replies I dont think you would have any trouble at all. But still every thing i just mentioned means your attention will be on the engine and not the plane as much. Combine this with a warbird that has heavy wing loading and gear doors etc all to worry about as you make your approach and it can be over whelming.

Flame outs are not that common but the DO happen. They can always be tracked down to one thing or another. I have an Angel jet with a Jetcat Titan(35lbs)that has had over 50 flights on it without issue. I was at an event last fall and I had landed and fueled up, and was out to go again. I was on the runway..went to full throttle as usual and just as the plane lifted off the engine quit. Not good! No air speed, full of fuel, bad angle of attack. Needless to say she bounced. Why all of a sudden did it decide not to work? I had purchased the plane used and RTF. The original owner had used Festo fitting coming out of the UAT. I now know that this is a mistake. They work fine for awhile.. but then the tygon changes shape and thus changes the shape of the o-ring in the festo fitting allowing air to be sucked in only at full throttle. The second thing I learned was not to use tygon between the UAT and the Fuel pump as it will collapse on the suction side.

There are many many reasons for flame outs. Low batteries, Old fuel pump, Clunk get stuck.. Its up to the builder to learn as much as he can during the installation and not to be afraid to ask questions.

I hope Im not scaring you too much lol. There's really nothing to them once you have the knowledge. You will enjoy flying a turbine more than any other plane you have ever flown.

You wont fully understand what I mean by having all your attention on the engine until the day you go to maiden your new plane. Its then that you will be greatful that you purchased a trainer As I was once told.. "once you forget there;s a turbine on the back..then you will start having fun"

Good luck with what ever you choose. Keep us in the loop.

ps: thanks for your comment on the F-104.. she;s good to go for next season
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