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Originally Posted by Rafa's CB100 View Post
Good morning y'all,

I got a light set from 1Hammer a little while ago. It's been awesome, but my old Ladybird has been giving me issues lately. Last night, I got together with fellow rcg'er TravisMCH, and filmed a short flight just after dusk. At the end, you can see the new cartwheel manuver I've been working on. LOL. Unfortunately, it sheared one of the motors right off! The light set has been great, and it's easiest to fly it pitch blackness!

I had a really weird thing happen while all this was going on that I wanted to mention. I've been playing with different angles and things at which to shine the leds. I've been mounting small pieces of reflective tape to the sides of the motors, but yesterday, I decided to mount a bigger piece of reflective tape, basically covering the entire motor on both sides. Let's say it was like a 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.5 inch square on each side of each leg. After a few seconds of flying, it was oddly apparent that the model had NO left rudder. It would rudder to the right all day (night), but not to the left. If I held the model in my hand, spun it up, and worked rudder, I could hear motors slowing down and speeding up while ruddering in both directions--but in flight, no left rudder. I pulled all the tape off, and it was better! It still wasn't 100% perfect, so I can't rule out that there wasn't something else going on, but I did the little cartwheel and broke off the motor before I could test further. Hmmm.

G'day Rafa, give my regards to flyingbuddy Travis, that reminds me... I have to getoffmybutt and replace the mainshaft on my V100 and get her flying again.
Are you both flying quads now too? they really are Versatile Fun and low maintenance!

It sounds like there might've been some foreign-matter affecting the motor/shaft responsible for Left Yaw... maybe some tape/hair/lint? making the LB not respond to left Yaw with any gusto....

Great and Bright LEDs 1H makes... post Op. must've been positive if he's making kits again , I'll have to contact him again for an LED kit.

Nice cartwheel btw just wait until you do cartwheels with KK2 class quads... bigger=more spectacular=more Fun!
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