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Well Dr Honda, that was one great post with lots of good info in it and I understand where you are coming from and appreciate the input. With more thinking on this, I am moving away from the F-15... even the lightest one would be a nearly 30lb airplane... the fuel consumption and hence model weight in this class is significant. While I would still prefer a military jet, I hear what you (and Vettster)are saying about the used trainer and am open to the idea. For scale jets, the biggest that I would want / manage would be something in the 16lb class like a Global Jet F-16 with the JC Bee - halfway to Henke's approach. I've done some wing area calculations and wing loading appears reasonable at 31oz in that weight range.

Regarding my field, it is in a flood control area so the airspace is wide-open 360 with no houses for at least 2 miles in any direction. The approach path is completely clear as far as vision goes, so there is zero pucker factor there.The only way one of my planes of any size could hit a house, land on a road etc would be if I lost radio and it flew away on me. I am very safety conscious ( I refuse to fly park flyers in parks) and would never attempt to operate any model, let alone a turbine, if there was danger to others.

All this said, I am not a foolhardy person, and I am very careful in how I spend my money. So I am not about to go out, buy something and try to fly it. As you guys suggested, the first thing I will do is go to a jet rally or a field active in turbines so I can see first hand how these fly, whether I have the skills/vision for this. Scott from Globaljet has already offered me to come to his hoime field and see how it is done. If all that checks out, then the turbine waiver will be next. After that we'll see.

Vettster - can you elaborate a bit on turbine challenges themselves? I understand I need to know startups (hotstarts etc) and sfaety, but do these require a lot of additional fiddling? How common are flame-outs? BTW, I love that Avonds F-104. I hope you got it sorted out handling wise.

Henke - that is a great video and some excellent piloting skills as well. In fact, one thing that strikes me about these jet vidoes is that you guys are really good pilots and your approaches landings are extremely good. If you are nervous on the sticks - you're not showing it. I on the other hand am still at the stage where nerves get the better of me at times. I can say that your venom would be a handful for me, or at least I'd have to be on the lowest throttle setting.

Flying Tiger - I also think a fast big EDF is a good interim step. The Habu is a nice plane but would I be better served with a tougher landing jet like the Efite Fhantom to at least learn energy management? Just wondering.

In any case, thank you very much for all the replies - all are appreciated. I did not mean to come off as know-it all - my writing style can give that impression sometimes - I am far from that and I do listen, so your advice is not wasted.
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