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Originally Posted by richos View Post
Thanks Heli pad

Now for some more test flight drama

I have just velcroed my 16g keychain camera to the bottom of my x1 as a test to see if she could haul the video camera into the air.

WOW! the mini X1 was only just over half throttle and she was in the hover with loads more power on tap if i needed it .

I think that the X1 will make a very stable and cheap platform for aerial video with keychain video cameras .

And with all the extra power on tap i cant see why it wont haul 20g plus into the air .

Im thinking DIY FPV would be easily attainable on this cheap mini quad platform

Hope you like my keychain camera test flight Heli pad
I have been flying the v929 fpv for quite a while now... Actually I can fly stable fpv for approx 8 mins a flight and have gone over 230 meters far and returned.. And approx the same as high..

These micros are a blast to fly fpv... But even though the quad can pick up 16g ..does not mean it can fly it or even fly it stably or reliably for any long amount of time,.. It took me many hours of testing, shedding weight etc before I had a stable fpv platform...on the r1 v929..
I just received my x1 board, and over the next week or so plan to test this board as an fpv platform as well.. Will keep u guys posted on this...
I have a few videos posted on you tube on these fpv flights and set up...if u want to have a look at what it feels like... It's loads of fun...

I'm planning a 500 meter then a kilometer fpv trip with the micro quad in the next week....
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