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Originally Posted by Bernoulli~Bros
#1 How about 4 minute epoxy??(w/ some microballoons maybe??) I am becomming really efficient with the stuff, but have never worked with EPP. shoo goo where do I find this, Wal Mart? shoe store?

#2 Strapping tape, got that

#3 Dont have any, but have used it before, Wal-mart right??

#4 I think its gonna have to be colored packing tape for me, will save my first real covering experience for my first MM balsa build sometime soon.

#5 Hitech Laser 4, Has a couple/few mixing settings, including v-tail, I know I know,
not great, I keep saying I am going to upgrade, but one thing at a time I guess eh?

#6 How about all-e-rc's micro 18's ?? suggestions here?

#7 zagi reverse timed and balanced 400---will I be running the motor leads in reverse for a pusher, like my GWS planes w/ gearbox's?? (seems like a dumb question I know)

#8 Wattage IC380 30a cont. 40a burst.

#9 8s CBP 1050's 2/3 A

#10 Yep yep...

Ad #1: Yes, Wal-MArt in the shoe department

Ad #2: you got it

Ad #3: already answered

Ad #4: packing tape can be found for nice pricetag at in various colors.

Ad #5: Laser 4 is a solid, good radio. No need for more for the Overlord

Ad #6: Micro-18 servos are OK to use i would think. sells quality stuff and he knows what he's doing. I personally stick with Hitec servos or Bluebird/Waypoint servos.

Ad #7: If you buy the original Zagi Pusher motor from Zagi, it'll come with instructions. For every other motor that is not specifically mentioned as reverse timed, put the "black" cable on the "red" dot on the motor.

Ad #8: I don't like the Wattage ESCs personally. I had a very bad experience with them in the past and won't use them anymore. If you need a good ESC, get the pixie 20 from castle creations. Other than that, the Electrifly ESCs or Jeti are good choices.

Ad #9: best choice. With a 48" wing, you can even go with bigger packs like the CBP 1400 AA cells.

Ad #10: ...
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