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Originally Posted by Stenkryparen View Post
Ladybird V1, mounting remote controlled Plug and Play video camera/single shoot camera.

-Video camera MJX C4003 (Banggood 17$) is easy to use with LB V1 and can be controlled by the "HOLD" switch on Devo 7E transmitter.

-Camera unit fits nice beneath the battery tray with 2 mm ground clearance (use double sided tejp or glue).

-Connect cameras 3 lead wire plug to socket "1" on the LB board. Then the camera is voltage feed from ordinary LB battery, and also remote controlled from LB board.

-Use transmitters "HOLD" switch for remote controlling camera ON/OFF. "HOLD "1" camera on, "HOLD "0" camera off.

-LB total weight with video camera and ordinary 8 gram battery is 40 gram.
-Flight time when video on is 6 minutes.
-LB with camera is weary stable if wind is not to heavy.
-If camera is in single picture mode, one picture is shoot every time the "HOLD" switch alters position.
-Socket "1" can also be used for other remote controlled tasks. Uppermost pin gives out logical "0" or "1" depending on "HOLD" switch position. Middle pin is plus feeding. Bottom pin is minus feeding.

For pictures, see my blog. Socket "1" position is shown in post 684.
Nice about some video of it in action
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