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Just thought I would share my Sabre experiences for what it is worth. I own the Great Planes mini, BH 30mm and Freewing 64mm jets. A few other pilots in our club own these as well. In our struggles to develope a dependable hand launch method here is what works very well for all of us.

64mm jets get launched by grabbing the leading edge of the left wing with the left hand and throwing like a frisbee. This works every time, just release level or slightly nose up. To much nose up and you will get the dreaded left roll to stall and nose impact!

The smaller jets both use an overhanded launch, right wing slightly low and nose down or level. Nice firm push, no need to throw like a spear. The benefits to slightly nose down are gravity helps to pick up speed, more difficult to stall and if the launch goes badly a smooth belly landing.

Anyway just some thoughts on what has been working well for us. Great thread here.
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