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Originally Posted by Heli Pad View Post
There is still hope for my hot air? Haha. Thanks. You seem like savvy around these things. Find the soldering pads for the motor in question. See if you could get any voltages to those pads. Chances are if your motor benched tested fine, there will be nothing at the pad. Otherwise, we have another broken wire.

If nothing gets to those pads, we have a serious problem with the board, don't you think? I have not yet seen a bad FET with this SYMA, but we've seen a fair share of these in the other threads. In essence, these FETs control the voltage delivered to the motors. When they are shorted, burnt, melted, power delivery is stopped. IIRC, there are two FETs located along the right side of the S107R5 board behind the power switch. They are black, rectangular, 3-legged SMD. Are they burnt, melted?

I'm almost at the end of the rope here. Because even if the FET are noticeably damaged, I'm not skill enough to repair them. Unless you could source and replace a FET, consider the board dead.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that I'm wrong and that you find another simple explanation and fix for your problem. Otherwise, you have two options: Either replace the board and get this bird flying, or make her a part donor to upkeep the other one.
Tested at the pad bird.
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