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Motor Upgrade! - Turbo Ace 342 - 3S 4200kv

Motor Upgrade! - Turbo Ace 342 - 3S 4200kv

So i received my Turbo Ace 342 from wow hobbies today, and i got to work on installing it. Unfortunately, wow hobbies web site data was wrong about the dimensions of the motor. I kind of expected that, because it looked bigger in the picture. I managed to make it work still though. The pinion that came with it was a 14T 0.5m pinion for the 1#A. I suppose it would even fly my V450. The motor is the same diameter as the Turbo Ace 804 motor, but it's a little more than half the length. I managed to get the motor installed. I had to modify the bottom frame plate to fit the motor. But otherwise this is a perfect upgrade IMO. The stock motor's 17T pinion has a 2.0mm shaft hole. The new motor's shaft is 2.3mm. Both are "keyed" or "D Shaped". Using a large table vice i force pressed the pinion on the new motor. Using pressure, then releasing pressure, and then pressure again. In small increments. Pressing the pinion on in this manner will reduce the risk of bending the motor's shaft.

My test flights in my driveway went well. It revealed that i will have to tune the gyros and cyclic EXT for how i like with the new power behind the rotor. But i think it's going to be great at the field tomorrow when if i get a chance to go.

4F200C - 3S 4200kv - First test hover (6 min 25 sec)

4F200C - 3S 4200kv - Audio Tach'ed flight - No bog @ 10.5v (6 min 38 sec)

Here is a head speed calculation i did. It shows that with this setup i should be getting ~4800 rpm at the beginning of the flight. I'm not sure if the calculator accounts for the 3 blade rotor or any other variables. So this is a close estimate. The audio tach had me at just under 4700rpm.

UPDATE 01/06/13:
First 3D flight attempt!

4F200 - 3S upgrade Turbo Ace 4200kv motor! (4 min 48 sec)
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