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Originally Posted by accel8or View Post
Yours on 2 or 3 axes?
3 axis. I have the aileron gyro gain on the gear channel and tail gyros gain on the flap channel. On low rates you don't really feel them, it just feels like the plane is dialed in perfectly. If I am doing a lot of fast snappy manuvers I just use the aileron gyro, and turn the others off, for harriers and slow technical 3d I use all 3 on medium gain, high rates with low expo, the plane is more responsive, but the gyros smooth it and keep it from being twitchy, so you don't need as much expo, even with high rates at high speed. I also have a single aileron gyro on the parkzone extra 300, it counters wing rock in a harrier, roll coupling in KE, or wing rock in the wind. I fly FBL helis too, and they pretty much require 3x gyros, so i'm fairly open minded to the benefits. I have experimented with gyros in most of my RC stuff, a SC truck, helis, sport, scale and 3d planes, they are getting better, and are the direction things are going.

If you fly a plane where the gyros are set up properly, you don't notice them, they handle most small corrections, but don't get in the way of flying, they only limit unwanted movement. You can achive the same feel if you take hours fine tuning your setup, sacrifice some scale for aerodynamics, dial in perfect mixes, and fly on a windless day. With gyros a decent setup feels perfect, a twitchy unstable airframe feels smooth, and flying in bad weather is easy. They simply allow you to make the plane do what you want instead of spending most of your attention on countering the movements you don't want.
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