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Originally Posted by CaptLee View Post
moparty 50 yds is 150 feet in my figures and that is all of the protected area total. If you are not happy with the working area and rules set up by the Park and Rec go somewhere else to do your thing. The rest of us would appreciate it very much.
While I may have only two posts,I have been going to spreckles for years,and you would know me by face, as for the trolling, Craig WE WILL have words,when we meet up,Capt. Lee, this is still a public lake,and i'll go where I want, who the hell do you people think you are? just because you think by acting on P&R guidelines written in the 90"s you have the right to lay down bouys wherever it suits you ! and as for opening the can of worms with P&R, that is the last thing we all want to do,but by those exercising what they think is there rights, they are tramping on the rights of others, I agree that using this lake is a privelidge,and not a right,and those that abuse the rules should be reprimanded in some way,there is plenty of lake to divy up into parcels for the diverse class of boats that run, but youz guyz are only thinking for yourselves,which is the point I wanted to make,you layed the bouys down into an area so cramped that it is an accident waiting to happen, I'll be happy to meet with you guys and further discuss this,but lay-off the personal attacks or there will be more than just words to discuss.
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