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Elevon Servos

Completed the elevon servos using Hitec HS-85 mini servos. There is little detail of these on the plan so I just copied the hatch design from my Top Flite DC3. The skin sheeting is 1/16” (1.6mm) thick and the servo hatches are from 1/32” (0.8mm) ply with doublers at the front and back so the hatch sits flush with the skin. ” x 3/8” (6mm x 9mm) strip wood blocks are then glued onto the inside of the skin for the hatches to sit against and for the small No2 screws to screw into. Nothing novel and makes a very workable solution. Make sure the strip wood blocks are glued to something firm such as adjacent spars or ribs, not just the balsa sheet.

The most fun (?) has been sorting the programming of the elevons as they have elevon differential (sort of like aileron differential but acting on elevator as well) with much less down travel than up travel. Got it all sorted in the end. I have a Hitec Aurora Tx and one thing I like on that is that for example you give the aileron travel 100% and elevator travel 100% you can also limit the mixed travel (to say 120%) so it does not try and move the surface more than required when you have aileron and elevator at the same time.
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