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Originally Posted by MarkF View Post
I have a few flights on mine and I like the way it flys with no nose weight and the battery back all the way. It has a lot of up trim in the elevator from the factory but I got rid of alot of that. I also like how it lifts off the ground sooner and doesn't take alot of speed. Have you tryed flying yours Kevin with the cg back. Mines around 3" back and I think it flys great there.

THANKS for the suggestion, Mark!!!

I haven't maidened mine yet...Later on this afternoon looks good...

With my first one I had the CG back to about where yours is...I launched the plane slightly nose up as the instructions stated and the plane immediately zoomed straight up, stalled, and crashed into the side of my truck!!!......Subsequent flights I had a dime in the nose and went with 250 to 325 mAh TP batts...Plane flew MUCH better but you could still induce the Sabre dance upon launch if this plane isn't launched slightly nose down by a degree or two...

So---To take the launch out of the equation I'm going to use the landing gear for the first few flights to get the CG sorted out...THEN I'll remove the landing gear as I'll know the CG is correct...

There seems to be a wide range of where the suggested CG should be...Guys have been successful with the CG both forward or rearward...I'll work out the CG on my plane by seeing how much elevator trim is needed for level flight, rolling inverted to see how much down elevator is needed, and lastly elevator sensitivity in level flight and when pitching up to a 45* angle..

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