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MCF 5030S "mod."

Hi guys!

Having a blast with my Mini Vapor. However, I got major vibrations from the prop. Tried to balance it with no luck -the prop is a bit crooked.
Cannot bend it back to make it more reliable.

I decided not to risk to vibrate the brick to an end of life situation and gave my MCF5030S prop a chance.
It never worked good because of the adapter but like I said, the original prop wasn't perfect either.
Now I used a postal rubber band, made to size with scissors, poked holes with a pin. Mounted with pliers. Done!

Now I get a much faster flight, it's way more quite and pleasant to fly. The lack of vibrations makes the aircraft more precise to fly.

Lighter plane: CoG move aft, batt moved forward now
Longer flight! 7,5 minutes now flying in circles- no extremely high AoA
Warmer motor- which seems to indicate higher power consumption. Maybe it's just warmer because of the longer flight.. Stock I would get 5 mins max

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