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Reloadable Carronade Barrel Concept

In Post #200, a drawing shows a first cut at this concept. This post drawing has updated details. I tried to use readily available hardware store parts - brass tubing, small copper rivets, plastic plugs (from rod or plastic bolts) to make the barrels.

The idea is to have the contact assembly a permanent part of the scale gun. The barrel assembly has a re-usable igniter (also easily replaceable if it burns out). Multiple sets of barrels are made. They are pre-loaded and can be quickly changed into a gun after the previous barrel has been fired.

The advantages over the current design are:
- An improved, full-barrel-length, fast acting igniter
- Can have as many extra re-loads as desired
- Wet barrels after firing no longer an issue. Every pre-load is dry.
- No flash paper necessary
- Barrels can be cleaned away from the scale guns and model.
- Igniter easily replaced. Just crimp into a copper rivet and push into base plug.
- Barrels can be very quickly, accurately reloaded with a BP auto-loader.

Hope the pics are self-explanatory. Plan to make a test assembly soon.
Autoloader pics from old ost also shown. Make to match size of barrels used.

Gary - this can be done to your guns. Just replace the current brass plug/igniter with a new plastic plug like this concept and make new barrel tubes. Call and we can discuss. For the 4V system we talked about, 0.012 nichrome would work
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