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Originally Posted by schrederman View Post
Well, having bever been to either the NATS or the WSM... I'm faced with a decision. I won't make it to both due to time/family constraints. But which one to go to...?
Well, lets try to do a decision analysis on this. You already have said you have some work problems with taking vacation the day before or after Independence day. So discounting that for the time being what do you like to fly? Do you still fly Houston Hawks and Legionairs? Or just Explorers? If you still fly the woodies then with the Nats you would have 2 days of RES/NOS, 2 days of Unlimited, and 2 days of F3J. I guess assuming that you could make either a 6 day event or a 3 day event. I think you have said you don't like to fly 2 Meter but what about F3K or Cross Country? If you liked either of those you could add an extra 2 days to the Nats too.

I have only been to the Masters as a spectator (and will probably come out to spectate again this year). But on the other hand the Masters is an awesome event. It seems a little different than any other event I have been to in the US. It seems to have a bit more international feel to it over the Nats. It might be the fact that it is a stand alone single model type event or that it is 3 days or that it has a cash prize. It is hard for me to say why since the Nats is also pretty big time but the Masters just seems to have an additional kicker of big time feel to it. Once again, maybe it is the cash prize aspect.

Here are some videos I took from the Masters 2012:

Dayrl Perkins and another pilot landing at 2012 Masters (0 min 25 sec)

Mike Smith 2012 Masters (1 min 38 sec)

If you haven't already done so, read the Nats News to get a good flavor of the Nats experience.

Here are some videos I took at the Nats (F3K):

Bruce F3K Nats 2012 (2 min 57 sec)

Craig Greening F3K Nats 2012 Muncie Indiana (1 min 22 sec)

I actually have quite a bit more Nats footage that I haven't got around to doing anything with yet. My hope with the videos is to give people an idea what a contest is like (obviously you are not in that group) who haven't been to a contest. But maybe the videos can also give a person a bit of flavor from the event to help make a decision.

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