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Originally Posted by kodak_jack View Post
Just out of curiosity, if you already had 2 CX3's, what made you buy a NEW CX2? I love the CX2, but would never pay the $$$$$$$ for a new one. There are plenty of already modded CX2's out there for pretty cheap money. That's what I bought and saved a ton of money on stuff that was only going to get tossed after I modded it anyway. Are you leaving it 100% stock? You HAVE to get the pivoting blade grips or you'll spend a fortune on stock blades that break as soon as you look at them funny. JMHO.
I really wasn't able to find one in the condition I wanted (basically new). The one I purchased had the AR6100e and the 3-in-1 rather than the 4-in-1. It also came with the blue aluminum upper head/hub.

I am definitely modding it. I purchased the Xtreme grips and blades today from BTH. I also bought a carbon fiber canopy, E-flite aluminum swash and lower head, the BTH "Model 4" boom kit, unbreakable battery tray, and unbreakable skids. When I get done, the thing will basically be blacked out with some blue aluminum.

You're probably exactly right about buying everything done already but I'll readily admit that I'm both a newbie and a wrench turner. I'm learning a ton just taking the thing apart and putting it back together. Plus, it's fun.

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