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Yeah, I am not convinced I have dialed my Plane correctly. I wish one of you guys can take it for a spin.

- I still have that pesky 10 clicks of up Elevator trim. As per Steve, there is no excuse... However, I tried flying with a 2600mah and a 3000mah batts all the way to the CF rod, flow both upright and inverted, checked trim and the trim was not eliminated. That seems to suggest a forward CG. But did anyone ever had to add weight in the back with the recommended setup?

- I also needed to add Rud to Ail mix (5 clicks) and Rud to Elev mix (10 clicks for left Rud zero for right). I think Coupling in KE seems to suggest a forward CG as well.

- I set my CG at 85mm and if I remember correctly maybe with just a slight nose heavy tendency. I think I really need to get a better CG machine than my makeshift pencil one.

- Also, one other thing I don't get in relation to what Marco said is that there seems to be a contradiction between moving the CG forward to help with harriers but on the other hand I think that will negatively introduce coupling (for which moving the CG slightly back suppose to help). Maybe it simply means the Plane needs to be dialed just right on both counts...

So I don't know. I am jealous you guys were able to set yours up with almost no coupling and no trim. I will get there eventually. None of this changes the fact this Plane is amazing and is a blast to fly so who cares right?. If it sounds newbie is becuase I am! Did I tell you my success story with this Plane? This Plane is nothing short of magical. it was touched by the Aviation Gods! You think I am kidding?
I started Flying exactly a year ago in Jan of last year. I was the "weird" guy with the electric Foamy Cessna (amongst mostly nitro/gas fliers). This Plane is my third Plane (!) and first ever balsa Plane (FMS SkyTrainer, GWS Formosa II, and now the Edge). It is also the Plane I have now flown the most without crashing (160 flights) knock on wood . All while flying it the hardest and riskiest (trying to learn 3D). In exactly one year I went from the guy people are scared is going to fly into their cars to the one my buddies consult with (scary huh?) and one that earned the respect of the field veterans for his flying... People (mostly circle fliers where I fly) gather around the Edge in awe and curiosity given the way it flies (wind or no wind) despite their much larger much more capable (non-3DHS planes). I look at those giants 50CC, 75CC Extras and Edges that get nothing but fly circles all day and you can see them yearning to be pushed hard as if their saying "I want to hover, I want to tumble..." I completely skipped the Warbirds and profile and EPP 3D Planes phases and I couldn't be happier. I consider myself very lucky. Due to a very smart recommendation of a fellow RCG member, I went straight to the best! Even if it crashes tomorrow (and I hope it doesn't) it served me so well I would not be upset. After 160 flights and so much knowledge that I have gained, every flight from this point on is just the icing on the cake... Now I am eying a 51" Slick and later a 57" Extra..

And all due to this plane... If that doesn't make this plane amazing I don't know what is.

**** babble over ****
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