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Originally Posted by mark_q View Post
The below image shows recent prop test results for my Penguin which can be found on my Build Log. The test was run on my bench tester with an HK SK3530-1400 Motor (2815-1400 equiv.) and 3S Packs. The first 5 props shown on this chart are 9x6, the last one is a 9x5.

I selected the Xoar 9x6 for mine because it is really quiet and they are darn near perfectly balanced. Pusher props generally just reverse the rotation and were originally designed to accomodate a Glow engine which will only run one direction. Some of the prop manufacturers like Master Airscrew also move the centering bushing to the opposite side of the hub for a better fit (too bad they are so inefficient ).

The APCe props work really well, they are just a bit noisier than pretty much everything else. If you are going with 4S and a KV around 1400, go for the Graupner 9x5 eProp also shown on this chart (make sure it's the eProp). This prop is wicked on 4S.
Great info Mark and thanks for posting it. I've always loved the Zoar props, I fly them on my 3D planes; always balanced, lightweight and super efficient with their light weight. I may try a Zoar and your recommendation - Graupner Eprop, which I also like, I run them on my Quad. I may go for 9x6 though as I fly at over 6000' MSL so I need a little extra push.
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