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If only I could get some helium...

Hey guys. So I've been working on this project of mine for awhile, 6 months or so and I am almost done with the half scale prototype. The project is a hybrid airship. It has an envelope, along with wings. Anyway... I was planning on flying this thing within a week and now it's come to a complete stop. I can't get helium anywhere... Just a few months ago I had talked to my local Praxair distribution hub through my school and we had the price figured out to 85 cents a cubic foot. Yesterday my teacher went to order the tank and they can't sell us any now. It's just not even available. I have since called every party supply store within 100 miles of me(that i know of) and none of them can get helium tanks anymore either. The only thing I can find are these little 14.9 cubic foot disposable tanks that are around $50 a piece. There's no way I can use those. For one it would take 3 tanks just to fill my little half scale(it's got a 40 cubic foot envelope), so $150 or every time to fly it. Not going to happen. And the full size one I have designed... is more like 300 cubic feet so... Hm.

Have guys been able to get helium or are you all grounded at the moment too?
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