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couple questions Hornet 460.....

this is a nice little bird to fly... thanks to all the previous posters and videographers for the valuable setup info.

I've never flown a quad before.... love my fixed wing props. got a couple of micro copters... so really a novice at anything like this. I used some left over green decal stickers from a mpx parkmaster to mark the front legs...

very easy to get hovering and some basic backwards, forwards, side to side and circles... all reasonaqbly slowly at this stage... not brave enough to flip or go to the high rates on the fc430. I've had it out twice in the last couple days. day 1 was 20kmh winds, day 2 was 30kmh winds. I am so impressed with the stability of the gyro. sure, those winds effected it, but it was easily flyable. I didn't even balance the props yet.

my one dissappointment in low rates is the level of yaw/rudder authority.

was wondering if anyone knows how to disable the FC430 rates and expo settings so I can program my tx to start getting some customised controls. I hope this lets me transition to the higher rates... big single step in the default settings. Being an absolute noob with these gyro fc things I fear there is more to it than unplugging the rates cable between the rx and fc430. Or do i set it to high and program my dr/expo over the top? any help appreciated.

second question is - can the stock motors & 22A escs handle the 10" props? can't find test data on the XM2830CA-14 830kv motor.... Dualsky Motor Calc program doesn't have it yet... but other similar motors appear ok -

thanks in advance for any help.

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