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Originally Posted by RyanNX211 View Post
why such a long aerial ?
Wow, you've got a good eye. Yes it is drawn longer than 39", which I believe is the norm for 72MHz.

I just drew it long so I could see it in the animation and to prove to myself that it would be well out of the way for bungee launching. The actual trailing wire may be just a couple of inches.

@Cap_n, the Rhino Hide is 1/64" thick and it does seem like wood veneer, but it is obviously a pressed wood product.. There does not seems to be a grain. So it is wood "mush" pressed into a flat shape. Unlike veneer, it has strength in all directions, better for wing skins. It has a slight press board sort of texture that can be sanded smooth. The photo was shot with a spot light at a very low angle to highlight the texture. So far, I'm still very impressed. It is stiff enough to bridge over minor blemishes in the foam. For a 50" wing, it may be all the structure you need. I haven't decided yet. My servo holes will be on top, in the compression surface of the skin, so that's not good. I like strong wings, so I might add reinforcement in the foam at the servo holes.

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