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Hi FherPR

I have two 450's and a 500 running on slightly modified CapJac's settings. For what it's worth, here's how I would proceed.
First of all, -11,0,+11 is what you need. I assume, since you have this range, that you have set up the head to be at zero pitch at mid stick, with washout arms, and mixers parallel to each other or the head.
I know it sounds a bit like we are setting up a 3d heli, but, trust me we are not.
Now, you need to set up your initial pitch range using pitch curves on your transmitter.
I know CapJac recommends -2,+3,+8. TBH, my helis will not take off at +3. Maybe a difference in headspeed, but I always set up +5 for hover.
My complete pitch curve would be -2,+5,+10.
For initial throttle curve, I would use 0,35,70,75,100.
Now, I would fly the model a few times. This is only an initial checkout, to make sure nothing is going to fall off, or vibrate loose.
You will find it will fly quite happily, but it may be difficult to maintain a constant hover height.
This is where CapJac's ideas come in. Once you are sure you have a reliable model, time to get interesting.
Your settings so far are in normal mode.
Go back into this mode, and set your pitch to -2,+2,+2,+2,+2. This is so you can run the heli up without it taking off.
Throttle curve should be 0,50,70,70,70.
Now, you need to go into idle up 1.
Set the pitch curve to what you had initially, -2,+5,+10. The throttle curve should be 70% across all points.
I say 70% as a starting point. I run 80% flat, but 70% is on the safe side. You can always increase it to your taste.
Now, start your heli in normal mode. Open the throttle to about 1/4 stick. Once there, switch to Idle Up 1. You will notice the headspeed jump, but the model will not take off. No fear of it leaping into the air. Once there, open the throttle slowly. The headspeed will not change (70% flat, remember) but the pitch will increase and the heli will take off at about mid-stick.
You will now find it much easier to maintain constant hover height, and the whole machine will feel smoother and more under control.
When you want to land, just lower the throttle stick until the heli touches down, then either switch to normal mode, or hit throttle hold to stop the motor.
One thing that has been mentioned many times, but worth repeating. If you get into trouble, get out of the habit of shutting the throttle.
If you are in idle up, shutting the throttle will not slow down the rotors, but will apply -2 of pitch, and drive the heli into the ground.
Get into the habit of either hitting throttle hold (preferred) or switch back to normal mode if you can.
Please note these are only my ideas, backed up by a fair bit of experience. I am sure others will contribute as well, all these ideas yours to use or discard as you think fit.
Any questions, please ask.
Good luck

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