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I'll put together a few sketches of ideas for you guys as a reference point so we can all be on the same page regarding the design.

As far as rotating high anhedral wings I meant the following: The idea was a whole wing which would rotate, not just the motor (one of many different options), so I figure the wings would have to be mounted high on the fuselage. The anhedral component would give a negative (vs neutral or positive) angle to the wing (when looking at it from the front) which should add some maneuverability to the higher wing mounting point. The theory behind this idea, for me, is that with the edf unit mounted in the wing vs at the edges it would always blow air over the control surfaces hopefully giving more control at different flight speeds as well as using the control surfaces for thrust vectoring when vtol'ing. as I think of it... You could even place the rudders by the motors instead of in a conventional location with this setup, no?
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