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Balancing Multiple Servos

As "freechip" indicated, the first one does not have to be "balanced"; it serves as the reference.

However, all other servos, on the SAME surface, must be balanced following the video procedure. There are many schools of thought as to which servo should be the primary one (not "balanced", but serves as "reference" or "master") and which should be slaved (i.e., balanced to the master servo.) Giant scale forums have a lot of info about this, but I personally start inboard and work my way outboard following the video's procedure.

The reason there are so many opinions is because, for example, the wing flexes in flight (tip more than the inner/root sections.) So, balancing on a workbench is not the same as dynamically balanced to reflect air loads; but go to the forums for opinions...

Personally, I find that the workbench balance handles most of the needs, but I do not have telemetry to indicate the difference in the air; now there's a neat project. :-)


Originally Posted by Steam28 View Post
Balancing multiple servos on a single control surface using the DX18. After reviewing the tutorial video on the Spektrum website, they balance the one aileron servo on the wing surface using the procedure but at about 2:05 minutes into the video, he says that both servos are now in balance. I have not actually done this yet on a plane but does it mean that you only balance one servo with the TX and volt meter but the software knows that both servos are on a single control surface so its balancing both at the same time because they are connected within the receiver? I hope I conveyed that clearly.

Can someone please clarify the procedure and confirm that you do not have to perform this procedure for each servo on the same single surface?

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