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Originally Posted by kodak_jack View Post
If you're talking about the servo push rods, they are what they are. Nothing gained by investing big bucks on those. If you mean the servo arms that are attached directly to the servo shaft, again, nothing gained by getting fancy with those either. The stock position is in the first hole and the fit may be sloppy. When you move them out further, though, you'll actually find them too tight and they usually have to be opened up just to get the push rod end through them. In that case, you can keep them on the tighter side by what size drill you use to open the hole, BUT, they need a certain amount of freedom so they don't bind. You can spend $$$$$ on other servos if you need to blow money, but we're talking a simple coax heli that doesn't necessarily need it. IMHO, you have a pretty nice heli to mess with until you move up to something like an FP or CP heli. Some of us prefer staying with a simple coax so it isn't as complex to fly or FIX! There are many mods you can do to make this heli better or more to your liking, but for now, Grasshopper, use the KISS principle until you can fly it with good control. My #1 mod that I feel is absolutely essential is the pivoting blade grips. The stock blades just don't make it - a great idea, but they break if you even look at them funny. The wiggle down the blade is great for keeping them from bending up in flight (coning), but the mount needs to pivot out of the way in a crash or nick against something in flight. The Xtreme blade grips are well worth the money.
I guess if I had to tell you the brand of parts most of us have on our heli's it would be Xtreme. The only complaint we would have is that their "extended" inner shafts aren't really extended, but the top head is taller. That seems to make them bend at the top easily. The good news is that you can just buy another stock inner shaft and be on your way. I, personally, have made my own inner shafts out of hardened material (drill rod) and that helps. The true solution is a thing that was made by Helitek, but they aren't available anymore. For a little more money, the stuff made in Germany and available from HeliDeluxe are great. It's a matter of how much you want to spend.
Thankyou, I appreciate the good words. I too agree that KISS is an excellent principle. So I guess for me, strength and durability should be the optimum words here. Where I'm operating out of is just tents, with lots of obstructions. And in addition, the wind here is a bear, so outdoor flying is going to be challenging. So far: two flights, and I've broken 3 blades as well as my lower rotor head. I've decided that in the interest of durability, I'm going to swap out my rotor head pieces with the microheli stuff. Lower rotor, v2 swashplate, and the xtreme blade grips and breakaway blades. I think that will be a good start and we'll go from there.

Let me ask you all this, what is a good setup to use for outdoor flying?
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