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Originally Posted by cjbucher View Post
Never heard of vibrations causing the elevons to glitch like that. Are you sure it's not a receiver issue? Maybe a receiver brown out issue caused by the BEC not keeping up the voltage under high load from the motor?

If it's not receiver brown out then maybe the vibration could be shaking the servo connections loose?

In any case high vibration is bad for the motor and plane. When motor/blades are vibrating a lot, the motor will actually draw more power which might be pushing the limits of your ESC and/or battery. Also it will eventually kill the motor bearings.
Using a Castle 10amp bec

Too late (for now) to dampen the EDF motor mount. Hot glued it in.
Managed to control the jitters by using Zeal padding in layers on top and bottom and then tuning down the gain on the FY-30. It flashes slowly but no eratic elevon movement so far.
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