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Thank you George,

I have done silver soldering of small parts before, I have no problems with applying too much heat or solder, my only concern is distortion. I have no doubt that Loctite is excellent solution too, because a few times I had to remove a bearing or a sleeve that has been Loctited in, and that is one difficult job, especially if you can not apply heat.

Thanks for the info regarding webs, I would definitely blunder into that one ! So they do not want to reprint drawings ? Ok, that costs a lot of money, but what about throwing in extra piece of paper with correct information ? A quarter of A4 sheet would be more than enough !! One would imagine that for the price they charge for castings, one small note would not bankrupt them...

As far as machining the bearings is concerned.... Hmmm, your solution is so simple, and here I am designing holders and stuff. I have been known to over complicate things.

My name is Zelko, just in case you wonder where that came from, I was born in former Yugoslavia. That place ended up back in stone age ( ok, Bronze age ), and I was given a new country. Australia is not perfect but it is 99% there !

George, thank you for all the info !

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