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well, really depends on watts, that thrust setup is probably leaving a little on the table with the wheel drag, and that nose gear doin that funky thing that its doing isnt helping the reading. beeing a really clean design, it will probably fly fine on that power setup, just wont have alot of vertical power. it would be safer to have more power, but i dont think youll 100% need it. might just have a long takeoff run. though, if you look at my 1/4 scale T-38 flying on 2 jetfan 90's (12s setups) it weighed about 44 lbs, and had about 20 lbs installed thrust, and was off the ground in less than 300 ft. the drag of that model is pretty intense, so it didnt have much speed. but a clean model like yours might do just fine on that power, so long as you wernt planning any loops lol.

its looking really good though guys! a nice scale nose strut would really set the model off on the ground. really neat subject, beeing a northrop employee, im a wing fan, and ive always wanted to do a yb49 and a B-2. especially having worked on the B-2.
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