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I don't think a freezer is going to be cold enough to duplicate the issue on these receivers. The original poster was experiencing the issue at 0F, that is much lower then a typical freezer goes to.
Actually, I was experiencing the problem 25 to 32 degrees F. (oC or a bit below). It is hard for me to tell the exact temperature the receiver got to when it lost its signal, but these were the outdoor temperatures. I am pretty sure there were times where my quad or hex were outdoors at these temperatures where the same recievers did not lose signal. I can't really explain that. I also think that the more cycles the two RX's went through, the more likely they were to lose signal in a given test. Toward the end of my testing they were failing every test.

When I tested them in the freezer with just a battery on them (as opposed to being on the quad) they failed every time.

When on the machines, I carefully monitiored the voltage to the RX's and it was constant from my BEC at 5V; when tested alone they were on a fresh Eneloop 2000 mah NiMh, so I don't believe these problems were caused by cold lipos or a bad BEC.

And, of course, I had three Frsky RX;s that did not fail any tests, and just got another one today that has not failed my initial testing (at 15F, it was cold here today).

I was also able to reproduce it in my freezer.
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