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Originally Posted by Kilrah View Post
1 for me too.
All I need is:

Gyro gain switch - three position is nice but I've never needed more than one setting for heading hold and one for rate mode so 2 position is all that is required.

Throttle hold switch

DR switch(es), bonus if I can set elevator and aileron DR to a single switch.

Two or three position idle up switch (as with gyro gain three position is nice but 2 is all that is actually required)

A good set of gimbals.

Originally Posted by Rotozuk View Post
FrSky will have a very satisfactory solution for any transmitter repairs. I'll let them announce the details when they are ready.

Yes, Aloft will continue to stand behind everything we sell.

That's the main reason I looking to replace my Devo 8, the gimbals have gotten a little creaky and once it's out of warranty (such as it is, this is Walkera after all) there's pretty much no way to get it fixed, they won't even sell me the gimbals to fix it myself. Walkera makes nice radios that work well but you won't be using them for years to come because when the sticks wear out Walkera expects you to throw it out and buy a new one.

It's a shame because some of Walkera's stuff is pretty well engineered, it's just that the quality control is often lacking and you get almost no customer support. They have the potential to be a great RC hobby company but they keep throwing it away.
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